For Change Professionals who want to deliver successful and sustainable change in a new way 

Right now, we're in one of the biggest times of change we've ever experienced. 

Change is needed, fast.

But the problem is, change is rarely managed well within organisations, doesn't lead to sustainable change. And in fact, it could make matters worse. 

This is why I designed the Change Maker Academy™️. To create the change, that organisations need. 


If you are a change management professional or want to be, and you...

...need to make change in your business or industry but aren’t sure how to do it.

...are struggling with senior leaders who don’t see the purpose in change management.

...feel you lack the personal credibility to make big business change.

...try to do all the things and lose focus.

...are craving a network who can support you to find answers to big problems and reach your career ambitions.

Then this is for you.


The thing is, if you don't do something different then... will be stuck on the side lines watching your business or industry falter because you haven't helped it make the necessary changes will continue to agree with senior leaders who put project delivery speed above success and you will deliver on paper but make no impact in reality will continue to play small and safe. You will continue to do all the things in the hope that something works.

...your career will continue to progress at a comfortable speed, never challenging you to do more or make more impact.

So what is The Change Maker AcademyTM

The Change Maker Academy™️ is a 100% supported programme of insight, development, education and feedback. It will give you everything you need to become one of the Change Makers of tomorrow using my tried and tested framework that will super charge the impact of your business change to deliver successfully and sustainably, every single time. 

What makes us different to other Change Management Programmes

We focus on the practical application of every aspect of the programme. We utilise a case study for each individual alongside the learning so that you can apply each aspect to the case study and practice in real life situations.

Designed to fit around your life so you don't have to fit your life round the programme. Our combination of prerecorded video and live training means that you can fit small bitesized chunks of learning in whenever you feel like it. We even have a professional learning platform which allows you to access all the materials on any digital device. Great for reminding yourself of key concepts on the go.

We have a flexible focus on tools. We provide tools to meet the Change Management requirements of every kind of Business Change, however we are also totally comfortable to help you apply the concepts using your own tools, or those of your employers / clients.

100% supported in your learning - you have support from your trainer, not only in the live sessions but also daily in the quick questions threads. You have support from a Community Manager to ensure you have access to everything you need and to ensure your customer experience is first class. You have support from your peers in your small group, learning and supporting each other. 

What you get inside

A fully online programme delivered through pre-recorded videos, live training calls, case study sessions and guest experts slots. Plus you get incredible support from being part of a small group with up to fifteen other Change Makers. You will learn from each other, support each other and that will continue long after the programme ends as they become key members of your enhanced professional network. Which means that you have everything you need to take your change management knowledge to the next level.

You get a lifetime licence to use the tools and methodologies with all employers and clients. Plus we are being accredited by the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP), and this programme will meet the training requirement of their Certified Change Manager qualification which means that you will have globally recognised credibility in the industry. 

You get a simplified approach which will allow you to stop doing 'all the things' when you know there isn't time or commitment for it and focus on those elements of change that you must do for success which means that you will save time on every project, optimising your performance and delivery.

You get clarity of what to do and when, both when things are going well and when inevitable problems crop up which means that you can stop reinventing the wheel for each project you work on, saving time, energy and effort.

You get effective approaches for all types of change plus the security of knowing that you have access to over a hundred other Change Professionals who think like you and who can help you co-create solutions to problems which means that you will be forever hooked into a powerful community that will support you as you grow.

What others have said about learning with Emma

"The training programme was informative and engaging. Emma has extensive knowledge of the topic and the various tools available. The examples provided were excellent in supporting the theory and enable the opportunity to reflect on both past and future projects, which brought the learning to life. Following the training I have been able to apply the various tools and methodologies to my projects… I would highly recommend."

Claire, Transformation Project Manager

"Learning from Emma is delightful. She has an enthusiastic attitude and delivers learning with an almost insatiable desire to share her knowledge and experience and so contribute to sustainable long-term solutions for your organisation."

Jane, Learning & Development 

The Change Management Programe is 10 weeks long

The price is £1200 and there is a 6 month payment plan available


How it actually works

The Change Management programme is delivered through prerecorded video and live learning sessions to optimise the flexibility of the programme and to fit into your life. You will have powerful live learning, both with detailed coaching calls and case study spotlight sessions to help you apply your learnings to your real life situations.

The Learning...

We ensure you absorb the information, increase your skills and abilities and show you how to make use of them in a variety of contexts. This ensures you leave the programme ready to apply your new knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes from Day One.


The Support...

You will get three supportive elements: a Trainer and Mentor who is a subject matter expert in Change & Transformation; the Community Manager who ensures you have everything you need to optimise your learning; your peers in the closed learning space for mutual support.

The Accreditation...

The Change Maker Academy is being accredited with the ACMP (Association of Change Management Professionals), and will fulfill the training requirement of their Certified Change Manager qualification bringing enhanced credibility to your career. 

Emma Shenton is the founder of Oakwood Management Consulting Limited and is a global expert on delivering successful and sustainable change projects and programmes.

Over the last 15 years she has worked in both the public and private sectors, in organisations ranging from global giants to mid sized specialists, generating simple, transparent and effective solutions to their business problems.

She is a highly sought after business change consultant and her ability to translate the overly theoretical aspects of change projects into practical tools and techniques has won her plaudits from both senior leaders and impacted staff alike.

She is on a mission to create to an army of Change Makers who change the world by creating successful and sustainable business change.

Why You

Because you know that making real impact is different to smoke and mirrors

Because you want to ensure that every business change you do is successful and sustainable

Because you want to increase your credibility and fast track your change career


Why Now

The world needs so much change, and there is an opportunity now in the shadow of Covid-19 to make a true difference to how your business, your client's business or your industry emerges from the post pandemic recession.

What happens in the next twelve to eighteen months will shape a lot of people's futures.

Do you want to leave that in the hands of other people? People who are less competent? People who care less about the individuals? People who care less about the impact?

This isn't now or later. Change will happen and you will either be driving it or receiving it. It is your choice.

Now you might be thinking you don't have the time for this.

We've made it super flexible so that you can fit it into your day at any time. The videos are bitesized so if you only have 30 minutes to spare, you can easily complete a couple of sections.

You might be thinking you don't need this because you've already been on a change management course.

Well, you've never been taught what's inside The Change Maker Academy. Most courses are based on theory, this is based on live, practical experience from big change maker projects headed up by Emma Shenton.

You might think you can't afford to invest in this.

I would ask if you can afford NOT to invest in this. The right change management is needed right now, and this program equips you for the surge of projects over the next few years. We've also made it super accessible by offering a 6 month payment plan.

"Oakwood is filled with accomplished and knowledgeable professionals with an enviable ability to find innovative solutions and get change projects done."


"Oakwood’s knowledge, experience and enthusiasm stands out above the rest. Their subject matter expertise was invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending Oakwood and would be delighted to work with them again should a suitable opportunity arise."

NHS Foundation Trust

"Oakwood is a company you can give a difficult complex programme to, and they deliver a great outcome. Great personalities linked with a “can do” attitude and a thorough knowledge of what best practice looks like. A pleasure to work with!"


"Oakwood people have the rare knack of getting your support and respect while being truly likeable and fun to be around. I loved working with Oakwood and would highly recommend them to anyone."

Thomas Cook

"Oakwood have strong robust knowledge and experience of transformation solutions and service redesign. They deliver learning with an almost insatiable desire to share their knowledge and experience and so contribute to sustainable long-term solutions for the organisation. They are delightful to work with, have an enthusiastic attitude and embrace all the values and behaviours of excellent professionals."

Bracknell Forest Council

"Oakwood works tirelessly to achieve the overall transformation goals, I have been impressed with their vision, they really do see the bigger picture and I have found them dependable and trustworthy on all occasions. It has been a pleasure working with them and everyone I speak to says the same."


"Emma is focused, caring and detail-oriented with her support for the members of the programme and project teams. She creates a welcoming and supportive environment for others."


Pricing Options

Pay in full or take advantage of the payment plan.

One Payment



The Change Maker Academy is a 100% supported coaching led programme of insight, development, education and feedback.

It focuses on the must-do minimums required to generate successful business change and adds the easy-win extras which enhance the probability of successful and sustainable change.

It will give you everything you need to become one of the Change Makers of tomorrow.


Monthly Payment Plan



The Change Maker Academy is a 100% supported coaching led programme of insight, development, education and feedback.

It focuses on the must-do minimums required to generate successful business change and adds the easy-win extras which enhance the probability of successful and sustainable change.

It will give you everything you need to become one of the Change Makers of tomorrow.


Not sure The Change Maker Academy is right for you? Then hit the live chat to speak to us, or book a quick call using the button below.


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