Do you want:

A lifetime licence to an integrated suite of proven tools and methodologies which deliver successful and sustainable Business Change

An accredited programme of insight, development, education and feedback to take your Change Maker ability up a level

A guarantee that you will not fail with us. If you show up and do the work we will continue until you have the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes required.

Then you need...

The Change Maker Academy TM 

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Are you tired of...

Proving your credibility for every project? Not only to new employers or clients but also convincing yourself about your ability with every new project and every challenge of business change that you encounter.

Convincing clients / employers to trust your own methodologies and tools. While not being totally certain that they represent best practice.

Worrying that you are wasting time, both yours and your clients/employers, by not having a proven repeatable framework.

Following all the change management theories then needing to work out how to apply them in practice through trial and error.

The Change Maker Academy enhances your credibility, provides an integrated suite of proven methodologies and tools within a proven repeatable framework. That doesn't mean we have a one size fits all solution, we all know those don't exist in reality, but every methodology is tested in real change projects all over the world. I will only teach you the stuff that really works, so you don't have to do the trial and error. The tools and methodologies will work alongside any other change processes that you need to use for a particular employer/ client.

What it is...

The Change Maker Academy is not another online course. It is a 100% supported programme of insight, development, education and feedback. It will give you everything you need to become one of the Change Makers of tomorrow.

Who it is for...

The Change Maker Academy is valuable to you whether you want to begin your career in business change, whether you have been in business change for a few years or whether you are a business change expert looking for another perspective.

We ensure that you are in cohorts with people who have similar levels of experience so you can learn from each other during your journey as well as learning from us. Most participants rate the ability to learn with like-minded peers as one of the most beneficial aspects of our programmes.

What you will get...

You will have a lifetime licence to all the learning, methodologies and tools, as well as all the updates. So as new tools are launched within the Change Management programme you will get updated tools and access to the associated training to use them successfully.

The course is in the process of being accredited by one of the top global professional bodies for Change Management. When that is approved, a qualification from this programme will count as all the training you need for your professional qualification and you complete your professional qualification with an exam and interview.

You will be part of a searchable list of Change Makers which will allow potential clients and employers to find you more easily, and it will increase the value they see in hiring you.

Emma Shenton
Who am I and why am I qualified to teach you this...

My name is Emma Shenton and I am a global expert on delivering successful and sustainable change projects and programmes.

Over the last 15 years I have worked in both the public and private sectors generating simple, transparent and effective solutions to business problems.

I am highly sought after as a consultant, trainer and mentor. Especially prized is my ability to translate the overly theoretical aspects of change management into practical tools and techniques. This has won me plaudits from both senior leaders and impacted staff alike but it also makes be the right person to teach you.

I am passionate about making every change everywhere successful and sustainable every time, and about teaching, coaching and mentoring the next group of Change Makers.

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