The Big Six Change Killers business change culture leadership mindset news strategy Oct 18, 2020
It’s common for change managers to make these six big mistakes in their projects – and any one of them is guaranteed to kill your change. Knowledge is power, so learn to avoid them if...
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Why Change Pros MUST Know These Four Different Perspectives of Change business change culture leadership mindset news strategy Oct 16, 2020
It’s vital for change managers to not only focus on users throughout their change project. If you want successful sustainable business change that sticks, you must engage these four distinct...
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Join My Mission To Take The Ego Out Of Change Management business change culture leadership mindset news strategy Oct 14, 2020
In the UK alone we waste £130 billion a year on failed change projects. What else could we fix in our broken, embattled world with that money? This is my very personal story (that I’ve...
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Business Change Doesn’t Have to Be So Painful career change maker culture leadership news strategy Jul 21, 2020
Great times of change make great Change Makers. Find out why opportunities for ambitious Change Makers to have massive influence in how businesses operate are huge right now + how to make change so...
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The 4 Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made In Change Management career culture engagement leadership strategy transformation Jul 03, 2020
Mistakes are not only inevitable but vital if you want to create successful and sustainable business change. Discover the golden lessons from my mistakes and how to apply them to become a great...
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Why Change Management Needs To Move Up The Agenda In Every Organisation culture strategy May 09, 2020
In a fast changing world, soon everyone will need to adopt change management skills and concepts if they want their organisations (and careers) to thrive.

Right now you may be trying to come up...

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