Learn, Adapt, Improve: Why Continuous Improvement Can Reap Rewards for Business strategy Aug 05, 2018
Learning from failure, missed opportunities and feedback is a key sign of business maturity. Companies that can do this effectively have a far higher success rate, as our experiences have proven.


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How Culture Change Acts as the Catalyst for All Other Change transformation Jul 22, 2018
Culture change is one of the hardest and slowest elements to influence in a business, but it can be the most rewarding thanks to its impact reverberating through the entire organisation

Once upon a...

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Why the Success of Your Change Project is Linked to Your Company Culture transformation Jul 08, 2018
Organisational culture can either help or hinder your strategic direction. Here's why.

Do your organisation's actions reflect the values it demands of its people? Have you ever considered how this...

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Marginal Gains Can Mean Maximum Impact for your Bottom Line customer Jun 24, 2018
When you’re under pressure to make sales, it can be difficult to see where improvements could be made. But a simple tweak here or there could be all that’s needed to make a difference.
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How to Make Every Customer Experience a Positive One customer Jun 10, 2018
Hands up if you tend to develop products and services based on what you think people want rather than what you know they do?

If your hand is up, you need to read on….  When was the last...

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Welcome to Oakwood about May 28, 2018

I founded Oakwood because believed that there is a fundamental need for a different kind of management consultancy in the UK. Oakwood Management Consulting was formed to fill that need. We provide...

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