Change Leaders, Do This When You’re Struggling To Get People On Board With Your Ideas career leadership strategy transformation May 28, 2020
As a change leader, it’s annoying when other people don’t see the world as you do. You constantly feel you’re several steps ahead and desperately want the stragglers to catch up...
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3 Essential Attitudes Leaders (Including Boris) Must Adopt Now engagement strategy transformation May 14, 2020
In a fast-changing world it’s easy to be pressured into artificial deadlines and false certainty. But there’s no room for phoniness if you want to lead truly effective change and be...
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Why Change Management Needs To Move Up The Agenda In Every Organisation culture strategy May 09, 2020
In a fast changing world, soon everyone will need to adopt change management skills and concepts if they want their organisations (and careers) to thrive.

Right now you may be trying to come up...

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Why Managing The Upcoming Changes The Right Way Is Vital news strategy May 01, 2020
Leaders have an opportunity to manage the transition into the new normal in a way that brings a motivated team along with them. Get it wrong, and change fatigue sets in. Here are the 5 essential...
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How Current Challenges Could Change Things For The Better strategy transformation Apr 23, 2020
While the current crisis has been painful and shocking for all of us, some of the changes in how we work have come with unexpected benefits. Here are 5 positive changes that organisations of all...
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5 Ways To Save More Money On Your Change Project strategy transformation Dec 01, 2019
Trying to make a particular savings target but no idea how to reach it with your current project? Then you need my 5 benefit boosters to help you review your existing benefits realisation plan,...
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