How Your Organisation Could Be The First To Achieve Excellence Without Effort

news transformation Nov 18, 2019
Does your organisation need to shake up its organisational structure and culture? Are you looking to make improvements across the board without the changes taking their toll on your people? Now you can.

Effortless Excellence is a newly formed, women-owned business venture between Halcyon Global and Oakwood Management Consulting to deliver outstanding business and people transformation without trauma.

If you are interested hearing how we will help to transform your organisation, we will be attending the WEconnect conference, on the 19th and 20th November, in London, along with many other women-owned businesses from all over Europe. 

We will be available from 8-10am each morning, so feel free to come and find us and discuss how we can help transform your organisation without the associated trauma! 


What is Effortless Excellence? 

Both companies are experts in their fields, Halcyon transforms peoples’ relationships with themselves and their colleagues using its award-winning War to Peace® methodology, while Oakwood creates successful, sustainable and self-sufficient business change.

We will work with just two organisations in 2020 to deliver outstanding business and people transformation without trauma. Our experience is broad-ranging and we have successfully delivered in a wide variety of sectors from IT, Pharmaceutical, Banking and Legal, to Construction, Aviation, Utilities, Healthcare and Local Government.

Success to us does not mean transformation at any cost. Neither does it mean developing your people at the cost of your business. Success means cost savings, efficiency and productivity being achieved by authentic, engaged people who are effortlessly excellent.

Working with us will ensure that your people, process and systems are developed to achieve actual, and sustainable, culture change. Your co-creation with us will result in a business and people that can efficiently and effectively handle anything that arises.

As an established and certified women-owned business, we use our large and trusted networks of personally trained associates to ensure that we can successfully deliver in any sized organisation. This is a golden opportunity for you to adopt a unique approach to transformation that will ensure excellence without effort, whilst ensuring diversity in your supply.

Do you want to be one of just TWO organisations we will work with in 2020?

You can find us at the WEconnect conference each morning between 8-10am. If you are unable to attend you can get in touch at: [email protected].

More information including the full agenda and speaker profiles can be found on the conference website:

If you use the discount code “WECI2019” when booking, you’ll get 15% off the ticket price – we hope to see you there!

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