A Free LinkedIn Group Won’t Transform Your Career

career transformation Sep 23, 2019
If you think a free LinkedIn group is going to help transform your change career or solve the uncertainties you have about your transformation project, think again. I see too many ambitious change pros with big goals go about reaching them in all the wrong ways. Read on for this week’s blog about why you need to rethink your networking strategies.


4 reasons why a free LinkedIn group isn’t going to help your career or change project

Let’s get something straight from the off: I don’t have anything against LinkedIn groups per se. It’s just that I see too many ambitious change and transformation pros think that joining a few groups is enough to help them get the new job they desire, or the support they need on their project.

It’s not.

Free LinkedIn groups might be great for advertisers and marketers trying to sell you products, but not for making any meaningful connections. Here’s four reasons why - and what you need instead if you want to take your project and career up a notch. 


1. Quality engagement is low

Take a look at any of the free Linkedin groups for change and transformation pros and you’ll see that the frequency of posting is low, with little engagement. Posting tends to be from just two or three people and, while sometimes the content is interesting, the low volume means you’re getting a very narrow view about the subject.

What you really need is…

A vibrant community with lots of engagement. I created the Change Maker Community as a forum for rich discussion. Each week follows a structure in which members can share lessons learned, best practices, motivational ideas from elsewhere in the industry, as well as deep dives on some of the biggest and most specific case studies that have happened in transformation over the last few years. Our community facilitates deep learning, support and understanding so you can test your ideas out and get the accountability you need to take action.


2. They’re rubbish for job hunting 

When it comes to the career side of transformation, free LinkedIn groups aren’t much use either. Some job posts get highlighted there, but they tend to be roles that have been around a long time, which recruiters are struggling to fill. Let's be honest, there are easier ways, even on LinkedIn, of posting jobs so that people see them. The chances of you having an exclusive, sneak peek from a private LinkedIn group of something that's really going to take your career forward is unlikely. 

What you really need is…

A network of professionals who will offer you personalised job recommendations (before the job advert has even been written). The Change Maker community is a space for ambitious change and transformation professionals to forge meaningful relationships. Because it is private, designed for connection, and targeted to our industry, the chances of finding out about a potential opening at your dream organisation is far higher than any free Linkedin group.


3. There’s little to no external advice

LinkedIn groups tend to be created and moderated by only one or two people. They tend not to be infiltrated by other guests so you only get a very narrow viewpoint and have to search elsewhere for the expertise you need. Often when we're struggling with an issue in our change project, what we really need is a variety of views yet many professionals struggle to find reliable advice.

What you really need is…

A community packed with external expertise where you can truly understand the underlying learning. The Change Maker Community brings in external experts for valuable learning, plus case studies to help members understand not what might work based on theory, but how it works in practice in the specific example the expert's talking about. Forget half-hearted Googling, this is how you are going to stand out at work and find ideas for your project.


4. People only turn up when they want something 

Because LinkedIn groups are free, people turn up only when they want something. People don't regularly engage, and so they don't have a community feel. It doesn't feel like it's a group which is going to collaborate to create better outcomes, rather a place for a quick look to see if there are any good jobs posted. Even in LinkedIn groups with thousands of followers, the rate of people visiting the group is very low which doesn't create a vibrant community. 


Contrast your free LinkedIn group with the Change Maker Community. For £19 a month, you’re not breaking the bank, but still have enough skin in the game to make sure you make good use of the forum. From support and advice on your specific project, to job opportunities and career advancement, there is nothing out there for change and transformation professionals like this. Ready to get serious about taking leaps in your career, or need expert advice to help turn your project around? Join us

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