5 Reasons You Need To Lead Change, Not Just Manage It

strategy transformation Aug 07, 2019
As a Change and Transformation Consultant, I see so many people making this one simple mistake: thinking their grand, exciting plans are just a case of good management. They’re not. Here are my top 5 reasons why you must lead change, not just manage it, if you want to see impressive results in your business.


1. Change is about people

At its heart, change is often about people. 

Say you have a lot of processes you need to change within a bigger project. Who typically enacts those processes? People! 

Or you could be making huge organisational changes, which can only work with the cooperation of - you guessed it - people. 

Or maybe you’re working with a new system or changing systems entirely; who do you need to get on board to make it work? People. 

This is even more true if you’re seeking to make a cultural change. Cultural change is all about the natural behaviour of people in your organisation when they work together. If you want to change the way people work together, then you are going to have to lead them there.

“For change to really work, people need leadership, not management.” 


2. Change requires a visionary and motivating leader

The ONLY way to get those people who are crucial to your change project on board, is to be a leader who will inspire the desired change.

People need to know where they're headed, so show them a vision of the future and then lead them there.

They need to know that you have a bright vision for their future. It’s important to make this vision tangible and credible. This shows you understand that they are going to worry a little about change and they are going to need a visionary and motivating leader. 

“Being visionary and motivating isn’t a management thing: It’s a leadership thing.”


3. Successful change requires people to follow you

A successful change leader has people who are willing (and even excited!) to follow their lead.

Management is often about simply telling people what’s going to happen. But when you are able to paint a vision of the future for your people, a couple of things happen:

They become really motivated to make changes.

They follow you even when things go wrong - which is almost inevitable in change. 

This is because they trust that you have the greater good in mind and you understand what's in it for them. 

“Become a leader that people want to follow - even when times are tough”

4. Change leaders know the best change is co-created

If you want to create lasting and effective change in your business, you need to get your people to be part of that change. Why? Because there is no way that you're going to know all the answers yourself. As a leader, you're not necessarily into every final detail - but your people are.

As a leader, you have to create the conditions in which people want to participate in the change you are creating for them. And they're going to want to co-create that change by putting in ideas that maybe you wouldn't have thought of as the leader. 

“As a leader, you’re empowering your people to co-create their future.”


5. Change leaders empower people

As a change leader, your job is to help unblock the issues your people face. They need to trust you and be comfortable saying, "I've got a problem", and know you have enough influence to begin to solve it.

In management, often you're trying to ensure everybody's doing things on time, and there's nothing wrong with that. But in leadership, you're empowering them to do things differently. 

So when your people come across a problem, they look to you as the leader to help solve it, unblocking the road ahead so they can move forward and realise the big vision you are co-creating together. 

By now hopefully you can see why leading change and not just managing it is vitally important if you want success. What do you think? Are you ready to lead visionary change instead of just manage it?

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