5 Experts You Can Access Via The Change Maker Programme

strategy transformation Aug 27, 2019
I'm launching my new Change Maker programme to help take Change and Transformation Professionals’ projects - and careers - to the next level, on 1 September. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what’s inside, so today’s blog is giving you a sneak-peak into the expert knowledge you’ll have access to when you join. 

 What’s inside the Change Maker Programme?

  • A Practical Toolkit full of tried-and-tested tools to make your life as a change professional easier 
  • A Mentoring Programme to allow you to get specialists' eyes on your project and ask questions that you may not be able to find the answer to within your organisation
  • The Change Maker Community - which in many ways is the piece I'm most excited about and think will make the most difference. Why? Read on to find out.


The expert knowledge - and how to apply it - you’re missing 


"One of the biggest mistakes I see change pros make is failing to practically incorporate best practice and lessons learned about what really works.” 


Change is a very theoretical thing. In order to make it practical, we have to look at the application of theory and be clear on what works, what doesn’t and what just needs tweaking.

But it’s almost impossible to do that alone. 

Which is why one of the core strands of The Change Maker Programme is the Community. 

When you join, you’ll enter into a closed secret group, where everyone can share lessons learned related to different aspects of change, openly and transparently. 

Imagine a confidential space where you can share challenges and wins in your change projects and career solely for the purposes of improving our collective performance as change professionals.

What is this community going to look like? Think:

  • Open, honest, transparent discussion 
  • Sharing lessons learned and best practice 
  • Learning from your peers 
  • Getting advice about your current challenges
  • Learn from case studies for 360 degree approach
  • Drawn on knowledge from experts in change and transformation
  • Be inspired to create lasting and effective change
  • Never get “stuck” on a problem in your project again

I’m bringing in external experts in the change and transformation field to enrich this conversation. To give you a flavour of their areas of expertise, here are just 5 of the expert areas we’ll be focussing on:


5 Experts You Can Learn From Inside The Change Maker Programme


  1. Bobby Mulheir: Customer Focussed Change

Very often, change is driven from internal requirements and not focused on what the customer truly needs. Bobby, who is an Assistant Director of Customer Experience and an expert in customer focussed change, will show you how you can have both. 

You can deliver the internal requirements driving the need for change and at the same time deliver customer-focused change. 

Imagine impressing both your colleagues AND customers who, far from seeing a deterioration in their service, experience something that is actually getting better as a result of efficiencies. Bobby will show you how.


2. Julie Creffield: Tribe Building 

Julie is an expert community-builder and having built successful tribes all her career she is now teaching other people how to build them too. 

Why are tribes important inside a Change and Transformation programme? 

Because her expertise will help you get all your stakeholders, staff and service users on-board with your project. Creating a tribe around your change is the ultimate goal of your engagement strategy and Julie can help you make this come to life.

Julie isn’t only an expert in building individual tribes, she’s an expert in tribe-building on a national and international scale. She gets people mobilised behind causes to create positive change. 

Her expertise is going to skyrocket your change project to the next level and make your job so much easier.



3. Chloe O’Sullivan: Conflict Resolution

Chloe is a Conflict Resolution Expert who will help you smooth over the multiple relationships you’re dealing with as part of your project. That could be between competing stakeholder divisions, or end-users and management, end-users and customers, or customers and management. 

All sorts of different aspects of conflict exist at different levels within a change project. One of our biggest skills is to be able to manage that conflict. Chloe is a global expert in conflict management who will be coming in to talk to us about the skills required to deal with conflicts swiftly and painlessly.


4. Charles Thomas: Resource Optimisation

All of us who work in change are constantly trying to deliver a number of different priorities with a limited pool of resources. You want to make the best use of the scarce resources you have, so you can deliver optimal change. 

Charles is a Portfolio Management expert amongst many other areas of Transformation Expertise and will share with members of the Change Maker Community, tools and thinking that will completely change the way you approach your change projects and particularly your resource allocation choice. He will change your change for sure!


5. Jane Sherwood: Change Leadership

We talk about change leadership all the time, but some of the skills required to be a compelling leader are not necessarily ones that come naturally to change pros. 

Jane will be focusing on a number of those key differential leadership skills, and bringing her expertise coaching and mentoring leadership skills into The Change Maker Community. I believe that Change Leadership is a massive gap in many transformation programmes and Jane will sharpen all your skills in this underutilised area. This is someone you really want to listen to, I know that because I listen to her!


And that’s just for starters! 

You can have all this expert knowledge as part of the Change Maker Community PLUS access case studies that will help inspire you to see how to implement your learning. 

Think case-studies like: 

  • A big logistical process and people-related change that included more than 200 different logistical movements across the implementation period.
  • A massive global player and their search to generate change in many aspects of their business; how they made the best use of resources for the best outcomes for their business.
  • Plus, managing change to safeguard the quality of people's lives - because that’s what so much of change is really about.

That’s just a flavour of what’s included - there will be SO much more. So don’t hang around, jump on board before 1 September at the special pre-launch price with lifetime access.


Find out more about the Change Maker Programme and special pre-launch discounts, available until 31 August here. As soon as we hit 1 September and the program goes live, we move on to a monthly payment model, so no more upfront lifetime deals. Send me a DM if you think the programme might be right for you and I’ll talk you through the best options for you.


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